SCPA: Scholars, Citizens, Professionals, Artists
 "See the music, hear the dance."  George Balanchine

Words such as Passion, Imagine, Focus, Lead, Inspire, Achieve, Create and Strive soar high on banners above the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts (SDSCPA) and reflect the dreams and aspirations students have for a brighter future. Friends of SCPA share in their vision and want to create opportunities to help their dreams come true. 

SDSCPA is a public arts focused Title I magnet middle school and high school. Friends of SCPA is a volunteer and charitable IRC 501(c)(3) organization created to identify, prioritize and fund SDSCPA student and faculty needs, unite and incorporate the community into the SDSCPA family, and advocate for the creative and performing arts. Consider making a donation to support one of our programs or meet some of our needs by reviewing any of our team pages.

Support such as yours plays a crucial role in sustaining SDSCPA as a dual curriculum performing arts school in the Southern California region. Your thoughtful contribution helps SDSCPA create a diverse environment where students and faculty can do their best work.


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